Publications and blogs My presence in digital media

Up to now I have had a limited presence in digital media, although in the last years my publications are on the grow; this page is kept updated regarding these publications of mine.

I participate in the following blogs:

notepencil32.png Internal blog from Business Integration Partners (my current company), where I collaborate both as responsible for the business line of services for IT departments, and as responsible for internal IT services. Access to this blog is allowed only to Bip employees, so if you are not one of them you will not be able to read my articles.

notepencil32.png Blog of the IT economics workgroup from itSMF Spain; I have been a member of this workgroup for the last two years, and in it we members periodically publish articles on our views about economic management of information systems.

notepencil32.png Blog on IT management and governance from Business Integration Partners (under construction).

I have published the following articles:

linedpaperpencil32.png Article on the evolution of IT outsourcing (in Spanish), published in Techweek España, June 20th 2013 (also published in, Comunicaciones Hoy, IT Espresso, NetworkWorld España, Strategic Partner España and other media).

linedpaperpencil32.png "Lean IT and its impact on the costs of organizations" (in Spanish: "Lean IT y su impacto en los costes de las organizaciones"), publication pending in Service Talk, the quarterly digital publication by itSMF Spain, prepared with other members of the IT economics workgroup.

linedpaperpencil32.png "The economic importance of soft skills and IT-business relationships" (in Spanish: "El interés económico de las soft skills y las relaciones TI-Negocio"), as well publication pending in Service Talk.

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