Professional profile What I am and what I intend to do

I hold a Master in Telecommunications / Electrical Engineering, I am functionally bilingual in Spanish and English (and with a varying level of knowledge of Italian, German and Portuguese), and I also hold an Executive MBA and a master in Telecommunication Economics. I have more than 25 years of consulting experience in business management, specially in telecommunications, energy and media industries. I am a highly flexible professional, able to quickly put forward practical and robust solutions, a proactive, organized, analytical and detailed individual, and highly motivated to continue learning with the teams that I work with.

Currently I work as management consultant as part of the Business Integration Partners (Bip) team. Up to June 2005 I worked in the telecommunications consulting practice in IBM (IBM Business Consulting Services) based in Madrid (Spain); I had been there since January 2003, when IBM bought PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting business. Previously I worked for almost two years at PwC Consulting, and more than five years at Deloitte Consulting, almost always performing consulting activities for telecommunications operators.

Along my more than 25 years of experience in telecommunication consulting I have worked for customers in Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, the USA, Finland and Portugal, covering almost all of the sector segments and most of the functional areas within the operator. I have participated in projects related to strategic planning, investment appraisal and profitability analysis; systems architecture definition; process architecture definition; redesign, reengineering and implementation of business processes; cost accounting systems design; creation and analysis of methodologies and tools for improving the usability of mobile handsets and applications; implementation of mediation systems and other BSS / OSS; revenue assurance for telecommunication operators; and I have worked in several projects of design, planning, modelling and optimization of communication networks (including economic and growth analysis). Given all my experience, I have been able to lecture several courses on these topics, both internally within my employers and externally to them.

In the last years I have focused my professional activity in management consulting for Information Technology (IT) areas, specially dealing with the definition and improvement of processes, procedures and tools, being able to achieve a high degree of expertise in outsourcing management, internal customers management, and more generally, IT Governance. At the same time, I have also executed investment evaluation and planning projects, which have increased my capabilities in financial consulting. Finally, lately I have started some activity in the data analytics and data visualization fields, which I find extremely interesting.

Apart from my laboral experience, I have taken great care in complementing my engineering education with other formation on management and business administration, specially in relation to the telecommunication sector. Additionally, from 2005 I began lecturing courses on telecommunication engineering (electrical engineering) as Part-time lecturer / Adjunct Professor in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Given my experience and education, I consider myself able to effectively perform a broad range of activities within companies in the telecommunication sector, although my skills and abilities are also applicable to companies in other industrial sectors. My current professional expectations are centred in areas related to strategic planning, alliances and business development, although I am also interested in other operational areas. In any case, my versatility and experience in very different types of projects working within multidisciplinary teams for a wide spectrum of clients allow me to successfully confront very diverse professional responsibilities.

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