Teaching experience Lecturing in the University

Adjunct Professor / Part-time lecturer at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

From 2005 I have been lecturing as Adjunct Professor at the Departament of Telematic Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, lecturing on telematics and data communication subjects.
For me, teaching is way of helping the society to develop, and also an activity that I am particulaly keen on doing. However, I do not pursue a professional teaching career: I prefer to keep a main professional activity that I can compatibilise with occasional teaching.

In this position I have lectured on the following subjects:

Subject Title Course Dates
Computer Networks Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering 3rd 2010-Now
Data Transmission Master in Telecommunications Engineering 3rd 2004-2012
Communication Services and Networks I Bachelor in Technical Telecommunication Engineering: Telecommunication Systems 2nd 2004-2011
Telematics Master in Computing Engineering 3rd 2008-2010
Audiovisual Local Infrastructures Bachelor in Technical Telecommunication: Sound and Image 1st 2005-2008

Apart from the previous experiences, I have also lectured on different subjects at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Business Integration Partners, IBM Global Services, PWC Consulting and Deloitte Consulting: mobile telecommunication operators' business and operations, telecommunication operators' business processes, basic telecommunication courses, etc.

In the future, I intend to keep on lecturing on subjects in the data communications field, as well as trying to start lecturing in other areas related to my professional experience such as business management.

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