Human resources process reengineering

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  • Company: IBM Global ServicesDate: 2003Sector: Telecommunications
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Human resources
  • Type of project: Process reengineering
  • My role: Project sale and execution responsible

The customer, the fixed telephony branch of an international telecommunications group, had found out that more than 20% of its resources were devoted to business support activities, and of these a significant portion were in the human resources function. Having determined that this volume should be reduced, the customer launched an initiative to review the human resources processes with the following objectives:

  • Improving the process efficiency by 20% or 30% in a 2-3 year span
  • Optimizing non differentiated activities with high resource needs
  • Increasing technology usage and process support through the company intranet
  • Satisfying the needs of the internal customers of the Human Resources function
  • Homogeneizing the activities and responsibilities of the Human Resources central and the local organizations

Along the project the following main activities were carried out:

  • Qualitative benchmarking of the human resources function compared to best national and international practices
  • Analysis of the support information systems for the human resources function
  • Analysis of the workload in the existing processes
  • Definition of the future process model, with detailed documentation for each process and procedure
  • Design of the new organization for the human resources function
  • Sizing of the new human resources organization using a support tool
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