Mobile operator process map

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  • Company: PwC ConsultingDate: 2002Sector: Telecommunications
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Organization and Processes
  • Type of project: Process reengineering
  • My role: Project sale and execution responsible

The customer, a global mobile operator, had decided to implement process management across its whole organization, and thus needed the definition of a complete process map for the company. Although the customer already had a process map, its responsibles wished to enhance it making it more solid and developed. Therefore a process enhancement initiative was launched that had the following objectives:

  • Defining the first level of the new process architecture, consisting of process descriptions, inputs and outputs, key success factors, key indicators and particularization criteria
  • Defining the second level of the process architecture, by identifying the procedures that are part of the processes, its descriptions, inputs and outputs, key success factors and particularization criteria for the procedures
  • Identification of the main activities that could be turned into the third level of the process architecture
  • Identification of the principal changes (and their motivation) between the existing process architecture and the newly defined architecture

To perform these activities several reference process models for the telecommunications industry were used, such as the eTOM model from the TMForum, the vertical industry model from SAP or a reference model for new mobile operator specifically developed by PwC Consulting and the project team.

The process map finally developed had 21 processes and more than 100 subprocesses.

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