Network maintenance processes reengineering

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  • Company: PwC ConsultingDate: 2002Sector: Telecommunications
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Organization and Processes
  • Type of project: Process reengineering
  • My role: Project execution responsible

The customer was a fixed telecommunication services operator in Spain, that initially deciced to define an integral business process reengineering methodology. Such methodology was defined within the project scope, and was composed of:

  • A phasing / activity model that allowed the systematic analysis of the existing process and the design, definition and implementation of the new process
  • The detailed description of each of the phases and activities of the model
  • Almost 50 document templates to support the activities execution

Once the reengineering methodology was defined, several selected processes were reengineered using it, in all cases looking to obtain an enhanced efficiency in resources usage. The processes that were initially analyzed were:

  • Network deployment
  • Network operation and maintenance
  • Product and service development

In the case of the network operation and maintenance process, the benefits obtained with the new process implementation were 35% cut on resource needs, reduction of activities duration and increased control on resources allocation control.

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