Operating and support processes map

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  • Company: Deloitte ConsultingDate: 2000-2001Sector: Telecommunications
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Organization and Processes
  • Type of project: Process reengineering
  • My role: Project sale and execution responsible

The customer was a new operator of telecommunication services, focused on content provision for mobile devices. The customer had plans to launch main operations in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and Brazil, and also in some other smaller markets, but it was not yet fully operative. To reach this point, it needed a global operating and support process map that would allow it to:

  • Establish a reference model for the activities to be performed by the operator in each of its national operations
  • Define organizational responsibilities according to the process model
  • Define an integrated projects and systems plan that would support a fast implementation of the process model
  • Be completely operative in a short period of time, having a consistent operating model
  • Be able to integrate new national operations and companies into the operator

The process definition spanned all of the customer activities:

  • 9 operational processes (Operative Coordination, Marketing, Platform and Service development, Transferring, Operations, Sales, Service Provisioning, Billing and Customer Support)
  • Almost 40 operational subprocesses corresponding to the previous processes
  • 9 support processes (Business Planning, Organization, Finance, Institutional and Shareholder Relations, Human Resources Management, Legal Support, Procurement Management, Information Systems Management and Support Services)
  • More than 40 support subprocesses corresponding to the previous processes

Additionally to the process model definition, its implementation was carried out via training sessions for all the personnel at each national operation, and the initial follow-up on activity execution.

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