Strategic plan for a telecommunications operator

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  • Company: Deloitte ConsultingDate: 1998Sector: Telecommunications
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Strategic planning
  • Type of project: Strategy
  • My role: Member of the project team

The customer, a new fixed telephony operator in Spain, wished to create its Strategic Plan for the next 10 years. The work involved the analysis of the existing situation in each of its business segments, the estimation of their evolution, the definition of a strategic evolution plan for the customer and the economic estimation of the proposed plan.

Predictive models have to be prepared for the following business segments:

  • Access network (capillary)
  • Backbone network (traffic aggregation and distribution)
  • Telephone switching network
  • Intelligent network
  • Data network
  • Audiovisual services distribution network

Using these predictive models, a number of evolution scenarios were created and analysed for each business segment, obtaining the corresponding business estimations for the customer. Finally the Strategic Plan including main conclusions and activities to execute was prepared and presented to the Board.

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