Strategic information systems plan

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  • Company: BipDate: 2010Sector: Industrial
  • Customer: <Confidential>Function: Information systems
  • Type of project: Strategy; IT management
  • My role: Project sale and execution responsible

The customer was a conglomerate of industrial companies in the aerospatial sector, that had different information systems to support each of these companies. This system proliferation had a considerable impact on systems maintenance and operation costs, and a very limited systems integration capabiity. The Board decided the integration of all the companies' activities support under a single information systems architecture, and thus required the definition of a Strategic Information Systems Plan to evolve and integrate its existing information systems.

The main activities executed were:

  • Detailed analysis of the system integration requirements (business processes to support, organizational areas involved, existing initiative in the information systems area, etc.)
  • Identification of problems and inefficiencies in the existing business processes, together with functionality gaps in the existing information systems
  • Identification and evaluation of systems evolution alternatives, including its economic and duration estimation
  • Definition of the future architecture of processes and systems, and functionlity coverage of the new systems on the business activities to be supported
  • Identification of possible financing sources for the systems evolution project

The customer obtained from this project:

  • A map of existing processes and systems for all the companies in the group
  • A functionality coverage map of the existing systems over the business processes
  • Main problems and deficiencies of the existing systems
  • Description and assessment of the systems evolution alternatives
  • To be processes and systems maps, and projected coverage map of the new systems over the new processes
  • Initiatives plan to reach the expected new systems and processes architecture
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